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Supporting Amateur Radio in NWPA since 1972

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More on SB#37 with links and sample letter.

Pennsylvania state bill SB37 contains language preventing ARES and other emergency communications volunteers from using their radios in vehicles in any non hands-free mode. The overall bill is fine, only this element is an issue for us. You can help by sending an email to your state senator and representative. Share this email with others and please act quickly.

Use this link to find your state senator and representative and their contact information:

Below find what I’ve sent to my State Senator and Representative. You are welcome to use this in your communication.

Replace <PROMPT> with your specific information.

Subject: SB37 will adversely affect Pennsylvania Emergency Communications Volunteers

I am Federal Communications Commission licensed amateur radio operator <YOUR CALL>, an Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) volunteer and a voter in your district.

Mobile radio use is a routine and essential component of my volunteer work which realistically includes much more practice than actual response to emergencies. Amateur radio operators have been and continue to be an important component of emergency response throughout the Commonwealth.

Please delay approval of SB37 and get more input from the volunteer responders in the Emergency Services affected by this:  all other FCC Part 90 radio users, utility companies’ radios, volunteer EMS and firefighters across the Commonwealth, and GMRS Part 95 users will likewise be affected. Few of their and our radios have hands free operating capability.

The National Association for Amateur Radio, the American Radio Relay League and other subject matter experts could help guide the committee to make a better and reasonable law which still protects the public from the distracted driving caused by using gaming devices, cell phones and tablets used for interactive gaming while driving. Those activities should be regulated, not the two-way radios amateurs and other emergency responders all use safely. More precise definitions of the different technologies can solve the ambiguity.




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